4 thoughts on “The ultimate nightmare

  1. I’m not buying that! I’ll bet next month’s wages that you were one of those geeks who was a Rubik’s Cube champion solver.

    Bra fastenings however are quite another matter. That’s a circulatory problem. It’s difficult to make your fingers work when the blood supply has left them….

  2. I’ll happily take those wages off you. I’ve not tried a Rubik’s Cube in decades, and I can’t remember ever completing one. Rubik’s Clock was even worse.

    I could comment on the bra fastenings, but since I’m such a nice boy I think I’ll keep any such comments to myself.

  3. Well seeing as you’re such a nice boy you’ll not hold me to that bet. I need those wages! Getting married costs – as you’ll find out sooner rather than later.

  4. Sorry, but the nice boy façade extends as far as not discussing women’s undergarments in a public forum. There’s nothing in said façade about not collecting on winning bets…

    And I don’t know what that last bit is meant to mean.

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