Why would you want to claim him?

Top brains the world are busy trying to claim a link – any link – to St Barak of Vacuousness. The latest alleged success story is from Ireland, apparently.

Barack Obama’s Irish roots have been strengthened, with the discovery that a distant ancestor was a Dublin wigmaker.

Genealogists now believe the US presidential hopeful is descended from an 18th-Century Dublin businessman.

Previous records found Mr Obama’s fourth great-grandfather was a shoemaker in the midlands village of Moneygall, whose son Fulmuth Kearney left for the US in 1850.

Oh dear. It would appear that we have a little bit of blame to carry for the hot-air producing one. Why there are fine minds looking for a stake in the muppet I don’t know; last night I had an clear conscience, now I discover that there’s yet more for me to apologise to the world for…


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