I want to be annoyed

You know how it is… You see a headline, and your blood pressure rises a bit and the makings of a righteous rant start forming in your mind.

Well, obviously most normal people may not know how that is, but it’s what goes on in my head, so we’ll run with it.

Sometimes, however, all the makings of a rant are there, and yet the rant doesn’t appear. Because, despite the basic ingredients being there, I find myself conceding, with lots of bad grace, that there may be a point buried somewhere in there.

This was what happened when I saw this on t’BBC home page.

from news.bbc.co.uk

It has the ingredients: it has an annoying celebrity chef; it has an annoying celebrity chef bitching, it is down on drink and it’s not promising about encouraging me to eat what I want to eat.

And then the bastard goes and acts a little sensibly:

Celebrity chef Jamie Oliver has criticised the UK for its alcohol culture and poor cuisine.

In an interview with Paris Match magazine, Oliver suggested people in the UK cared more about getting drunk than they did about eating well.

The chef said there was a better variety of food in South African slums than in English towns and cities.

How dare he make salient points, eh? Doesn’t he know that some of us have bile to vent in his general direction?

Git. How very rude of him to be right about something. It messes with my sense of balance in the world…

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