Feel the love

You may have noticed that I’m very not a fan of yer vacuous windbag fighting for position of First Non White President of the US. But then, I often find myself disagreeing when all the news shows and magazines agree on something.

Hell, even my beloved Economist has been falling for the Obama mania. Which pisses me off quite a bit.

But if some of those media outlets can be expected to be partisan. Some media outlets can be counted on to automatically think better of the target the further left they go. The more vacuous, the less specific, the more telegenic and the more thieving the candidate, the more likely the BBC will have some subtle – and occasional none too subtle – bias in favour of them.

Such as this, with the (hardly put as editorialising at all) comment:

The choice seems an audacious, perhaps slightly desperate, effort to bring youth and vigour to the Republican ticket, our North America editor adds.

Because that is fair and balanced, n’est pas?

But looking past my traditional dislike of the BBC editorialising and that sort of thing, I think that this VP candidature is mighty interesting… Damn, it might even make me pay attention to McCain – up until now I’ve only been paying attention to Obama. And generally holding my head in my hands and bemoaning the state of the world…

2 thoughts on “Feel the love

  1. Go to Youtube and see her acceptance speech.
    Much better and more natural than Obama, Biden and Hillary, and if you go into Sarah “Barracuda” Palin’s history it is also part of the American dream as she has substantial weight in fighting local corruption and the old boy network as against Obama’s links with crime.
    These are facts Brown’s Bolshevik Corporation do not tell us but the web does.
    They keep comparing oranges with lemons – Obama’s lack of experience as the number one post, against Palin’s lack of experience in the No 2 post.
    Most USA media is left wing so no change there, but Americans are used to this Obamarama cavalcade, and when the skeletons come out of the cupboard in the next two months we could see a real sea change.

  2. One thing that I have noted in some coverage is the phrase “Palin, you are no Hillary Clinton”

    Never have I read a single sentence that made me like a candidate more…

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