Yeah, that’s exactly 100% not the case

You may have figured out that I’m not so much of a unionist persuasion. In this wonderful new age of devolution and general peace, that’s all good.

However, the recent behaviour of the two political parties that would represent me is pissing me off slightly. Not even because of what they’re doing, although I disagree with them. But the outright lies they’re using to justify their actions are grating.

In particular, these actions.

Sinn Féin’s Paul Maskey said the council “now endorses the war in Afghanistan and Iraq”.

Michael Coyle, SDLP, said: “The public might think the SDLP were backing the invasion of these countries.”

WHAT THE FUCKEDY FUCK FUCK? What a barefaced lie, a brazen distortion of the truth to justify a position. The public know full well the position of the SDLP and SF on the Iraq war and the operations in Afghanistan. However a little public decency and a word of thanks for the safe return of the young men who volunteered to do a very difficult and dangerous job isn’t supporting the decisions made five or seven years ago; most of the people coming back were still worrying about their fucking GCSEs at the time.

No, these positions are being taken by people who don’t like the army. And that’s grand; opinions are opinions and you’re all entitled to them. Hell, that particular opinion can’t help but help come election time. But don’t dress it up as something that it’s not. It’s just insulting, and makes you look stupid, calculating, and two faced.

Like perfect politicians, really, and insults don’t come much worse than that.

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