How very dull…

There’s an awful lot of fuss about the two conventions at the moment. At the first one yer man Obama apparently did two very good speeches (the one I saw and the one that the BBC saw), as did a number of really fucking boring old people.

And now it’s the Republican turn and an act of God has shortened it and toned it down. This, by the way, is clear proof that there is a god that he wants us to be happy.

What has struck me about both these shows is that they are both full of very very up for it people who seem extraordinarily happy to be there.


It’s fucking politics. 97% of the time it’s going to be deadly boring, and the other 3% of the time it’s going to be infuriating and make you want to stab the people involved. It’s not going to be exciting and positive, and certainly not good enough to make people happy to be at a conference…

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