A meme, rehashed

In a random possibly-less-than-ideal turn of events, TLG has been discovered to have discovered the archives of this site. Which means that she’ll likely stop thinking of me as a loveable nice fella, and realise that I’m a bit bonkers. Oh well…

In the course of discussions I found me this post, which I thought could do with being dusted down and reused.

Ten years ago I was a strapping, skinny runt of a boy, just starting upper sixth. Which means that someone was about to drop my A-level coursework on me… How much fun that must have been…

Five years ago 22 years old, and just finishing my first summer after university. Living at home, blogging a little. And I’d just earned my first adult paycheck setting up a computer, some records software and a training setup for a poor parish priest who was to IT literacy what I am to socialism…

One year ago Much as I am doing now. Occasional gloating at the expense of the BBC. Living in my current house, in much the same way I’m doing now.

Yesterday I narrowly escaped having to work late – on a Friday evening no less – and then picked up TLG from the airport. Hooray.

Today It’s my grandmother’s 93rd birthday. Which is nice.

Next week I have two days of work, followed by a repeat of the Jersey expedition. Which should be nice.

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