Thank God for Ryanair

Yes, thanks to Michael O’Leary and his magical flying buses, I’m off once again. This time, O’Leary’s cheap and dreadful flights will take me as far as londinium, from whence I hope to hitch a lift on one of Willie Walsh flying machines as far as the fair isle of Jersey.

And then, speaking of flying machines, I may possibly be seen drooling at actual aircraft porn. Yes, I could have seen much of the same in Portrush last weekend, but when offered the opportunity to head to somewhere else with friends, or Portrush, what would be the polite thing to do?

Activities for the other few days that I’m on said small island are to be decided upon closer to the time, although one suggestion has grabbed my interest somewhat.

As per usual, a piss-poor selection of preloaded posts has been preloaded. So you’ve no excuse for not reading and commenting.

Except poor content and lack of interest, obviously, those are two very good reasons…

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