OK, I admit it

I have no qualms about admitting that I’m a bit of a geek. About computing, about flying, about massive works of civil engineering, I am a geek.

This confession may go some way towards explaining my current excitement.

For quite some time, I have been pencilled in to assist on The Tour III, wherein I shall carry bags, push chairs, drive rental cars and probably read more than I have for the last three months.

However, in firming up the dates for The Tour, there was discovered a clash: TLG has herself a birthday on the day I was supposed to be flying out. Which has provided a little hiccup, which in the end has worked out to my advantage.

For, y’see, I shall get to skip the first couple of days of the Tour, get to spend the day with TLG for her birthday, get a random night out in London town, and then get to get a geeky first done: my first time through the Channel Tunnel, and my first time in the new St Pancras.

from the inbox

‘course, that was the plan. Then there was a minor fire a couple of weeks ago, and there followed a number of emails from Eurostar saying ‘cancel all non-essential journeys plz’. Well, my presence on parts of the Tour is essential, and being with TLG for her birthday strikes me as quite necessary as well, so Mr Eurostar, deal with it and get me on board.

I’ll be sure to be back here ranting and raving should they fail to do that…

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