So all the important problems have been sorted?

They must have been, if time and effort is being spent on this ‘investigation’.

An investigation has been launched after an emergency ambulance broke down while taking a patient to a hospital in Londonderry.

The vehicle was taking a patient to Altnagelvin Hospital when it broke down on the Culmore Road on Monday evening.

The Northern Ireland Ambulance Service said another ambulance arrived in seven minutes.

Vehicles, especially ones that are used for the types of driving that ambulances do, break down no matter how well they are looked after, and no matter how new they are. Spending time, effort and money investigating a breakdown that didn’t do any damage is just a massive waste of resources.

Plus, my personal experience is that the newer ambulances break down as, if not more, often as the old ones.

A further note that I think is interesting: the Unison rep may be telling porkie pies. Four months ago there was a mini-fuss about there being 12 ambulances on the road for nine years; but Unison now claim that there are “many” ambulances that are ten years old. Since when did less than 5% of the fleet become ‘many’, and where did that extra year come from, eh?

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