Back again

Several days were had in fine company and nice surroundings. Which was nice.

dont mess with TLG
TLG demonstrating why wise men don’t mess with her. Luckily enough, I’m not a wise man.

Good points:

  • Aircraft porn, in general.
  • The Chinook, doing things that I’m pretty sure would destroy the R22 if I ever tried them.
  • The Red Arrows, entertaining as always.
  • The BBMF Hurricane and Spitfire. Me likee.
  • The Eurofighter. Because of the unholy roar.
  • The Vulcan. Because it’s a friggin’ Vulcan – it doesn’t need to do anything too exciting to be exciting.
  • Guns. In general.
  • .22 calibre revolvers, in some specificity.
  • .45 hand cannon, in more specificity.
  • An entertaining cat.
  • Food, drink, craic and all that stuff.
Editorialising of the scoreboard was done by the Range Officers. I think that they were slightly less than impressed with my performance.

Things that were bad:

  • Pineapple Express. A movie so shockingly bad that even I – who swear by the gods of Anchorman and Happy Gilmore – couldn’t find anything good to say about it.
  • The non-rent paying travellers on the back of the entertaining cat.
  • My shocking lack of skill at the shooting. Bejaysus, I was shocking. I use as my excuse previously diagnosed eye-rubbishness, just in case you were wondering.
  • The B-52 and E-3 not turning up, and the Vulcan not doing a stint with the Red Arrows.
  • Having to get up at 4.30 this morning to catch a flight to ensure that I was home in time for a meeting this afternoon. Which was then cancelled. Rubbish.
No, I’m not rubbing my nipples. Well, I might be, but I’m mainly pointing to a notification of just how good I was on the day.

As I say, a good time was had. Hurrah.

4 thoughts on “Back again

  1. Don’t I know it. The Lovely Girlfriend shot the best score and the other girl there was most improved between the first and second rounds.

    I was dead last. What fun.

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