Take your eye off the ball for five minutes

Seriously, people, what the fuck?

I go away for a couple of days, and people go and break lots of shit.

First off, Facebook goes and enforces its daft new layout. I’m fine with changing things in general; it’s just when things are changed in stupid ways that I get annoyed. For example, switching the sides of the screen for no reason. Why do I now click on the right to get to my profile and not the left? Any logic behind that at all?

Secondly, Sitemeter changes. Then changes back. Which was a bit of a waste of effort, wouldn’t you say?

Then el Reg gets in on the act, and changes. For no good reason.

Why with the silly changes, eh? No need at all.

Apparently I’m just not going to be able to take any more breaks, ever. Look what happens when I try to relax for a day or two…

2 thoughts on “Take your eye off the ball for five minutes

  1. Yes. Freakboy.

    Actually, it’s not actively bad. It just seems to be change for changes sake, and some of it is done stupidly. Forcing tabbed profiles, for one thing, is daft.

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