It’s just a damn shop

Oh dear God. Much like the Dread Ikea Opening of 2007, today was to be a day where otherwise normal people do something totally weird: queue up to enter a shop.

Not necessarily to buy, not necessarily to even to see thing presented in a new way. Just to be there for the opening of a fucking shop.

To be there and be hyped up by actual loons, to run in the door at the end of the countdown, to be part of the experience, to stand up loud and proud and say “YES! I want to be there when some over priced and over marketed tat is placed into a sterile set from iRobot and ends up looking like a version of Ed Hillan’s own personal hell“. In point of fact, to turn up to the opening of an Apple store.

In the area of people happily queuing up for that particular experience, I’ll not mention the couple of people I recognised walking in in the first baker’s dozen…

3 thoughts on “It’s just a damn shop

  1. There’s worse than people queueing for the opening of an Apple store… I remember when the massive Primark in central London opened it was on the news that people were actually fighting over Primark clothes, There were arrests and everything…

    I mean, really…

  2. Baaaaaaaah.

    I can hear the sheeple.

    I have a mac but I also have a couple of pcs, and I footer -sic- with linux on occasion.

    Brand worshipping is dumb.

  3. I do not have a Mac, I limit myself to a PC and a work supplied laptop. There are occasional thoughts of rehashing something into a linux machine but they come up against my chronic case of Can’tBeBothered-itis.

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