On the go again

Click. Dull tone.

I’m sorry, but the blogger you are trying to reach is unavailable. He is currently in the city of London, and will soon be departing it to be chief fetcher and carrier at a Tour.

If you have any important messages to be relayed, please leave them in the comment section, where they shall surely be drowned in among the thousands of spam comments that are expected over the coming days. In fact, it is forecast that the total number of spam comments stopped at this blog in the last two and a bit years will hit 200,000. Which is quite a lot.

For your entertainment and enlightenment, a series of cheep and cheerful posts have been left to display themselves at their leisure over the next few days.

Thank you for your interest in I Didn’t Quite Catch That…; we hope that you have enjoyed your visit and will return soon.

*beep* click

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