Happy birthday to ya

TLG has a birthday today. Many happy returns to her and all that.

dont mess with TLG

Unfortunately I’ll not be able to deliver those good wishes to her in person until later on this evening, but I’ll do what little I can now.

Happy birthday, beautiful.

6 thoughts on “Happy birthday to ya

  1. Am impressed that you managed to restrain yourself from using the phrase “older woman”…

    Thanks very much, will see you later…

  2. You big sap!!!! What happened the right ring nutjob fella???? Ohhhhhh I’ve gone that way too lately!!

    We need to bring up a new generation of right wing nut jobs now!

  3. I think you’ll find that the right wing nut job is still about and in force, and I’ll deal harshly with any young whipper-snapper who attempts to steal my title…

    Speaking of which: I wouldn’t be at all surprised if there was some hate filled invective about the ID card fuckwittery soon…

    Plus, how could I not be a sap? She’s far too god a shot to give up, you know.

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