And how would he recognise them?

According to Herr Uberfoolfurher, the markets need ‘morals’.

My simple question is this: how in the name of fuck would that conniving, duplicitous, amoral twat recognise a moral if it came up and smacked him in his jowly gob?

He told a dinner in London the government would do “whatever it takes” to see out the current crisis.

The “good economy” would help create the “good society”, Mr Brown added.

Anyone particularly want to live in a society that Gordon Brown thought was ‘good’? Where nobody questioned his judgement (or sanity), where nobody went out of the box at all, where every agent of the state could read everything about you?

Not me, at any rate…

2 thoughts on “And how would he recognise them?

  1. See… I am the biggest right wing nutter when it comes to the open market. The freer the better. The best PM we ever had opened this up in 86 and we haven’t looked back since – UNTIL now!

    Not sure what the craic is. I want government the hell out of everything if possible. But I am welcoming them doing something to at least try and stop this madness. Not sure its a good thing though – with most of the governments having a stake in their banks. Thank GOD this plan that Brown took means that they don’t have any seats on the board or not.. But I am starting to think – am I nuts – never thought I would see the day when I would have weclomed government intervention into anything – never mind buying into banks!

    What’s going the fuck on.. SORT IT NOW ED. I DEMAND IT!

  2. I’ll get right on that, Sweem. Right after I sort out global hunger and the administration of the ClueBat to all those that need it in Westminster.

    Which may be some time…

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