’bout time

I’ve been saying for years that Ian Blair needs to go, and by fuck am I glad that he had.

My main reason for wanting him gone was, of course, his behaviour – and that of his force – over the Stockwell shooting. Either Blair knew the details, and assisted with the cover-up, or he didn’t, and wasn’t in control of one of the largest paramilitary organisations in the country.

There are other reasons, of course; there’s his habit of supporting the ever increasing intrusion of the state into our lives; and the way he toed the party line when Blair or Brown tried to scare the beejaysus out of us ever now and then. And there was the way that he so enjoyed being cosy with thon barsteward Livingstone.

In short, from very shortly after he got the job, I’ve been wanting him out. So I was really rather pleased when I found out that he had…

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