Clearly what was intended

There have been a lot of pieces of legislation over the years that we have been told would only be used in exceptional circumstances, when many lives were at risk.

We are told that future bits of legislation (42 days, identity cards, etc) would be used as sparingly.

However, look a little more closely. The Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act, designed to protect the country from the worst terrorists and organised criminals, has been used regularly to keep an eye on school applicants. And now the government is using massively powerful anti-terrorism legislation to seize the assets of a friendly, allied nation which is in even more dire financial straits than this one.

Gordon Brown is stating that the actions of the Icelandic government are unacceptable, because they’re not guaranteeing the deposits of UK councils. What about the actions of the UK government, eh? What about the sovereign wealth funds that Brown encouraged to invest in rights and share issues, issues which are now worthless since the UK part nationalised the banks?

What would the reaction be if the nations behind those funds declared the UK to be a terrorist nation based on their recent actions? And would the be any more or less justified than the feigned sense of outrage spewing forth from Brown?

4 thoughts on “Clearly what was intended

  1. You are, of course, correct. Watch closely as events unfold, just watch.

    You won’t be mentioning a tinfoil hat anymore.

  2. Further to this, it’s been pointed out to me that the councils have been caught out because they followed Treasury advice to maximise returns. Said Treasury advice dating back from when one Gordon ‘FuckWit’ Brown was in charge of HM Treasury.

    So it’s all his fault, really. Hence his attacking posture recently: if he stays on the attack perhaps people won’t notice that he’s the one wot done it.

  3. Don’t forget, he also caused that rock bottom price by a) selling it all in big lumps and b) telling the world that he was selling it in big lumps.

    Dunce doesn’t begin to cover it…

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