I’ve mentioned a couple of times what my version of hell would be like:

I mean, look at the [Apple] stores.It’s like a bright, sterile, modernist hell; I’m half expecting Azrael to walk down the stairs in a fetching white suit.

In one post along those lines, I admitted that some of my personal additions to heaven were less than classic:

my vision of heaven has a large section exactly like the Gadget Store out of CastleCourt, with nothing but Will Ferrell movies on in the background, so my tastes may be slightly warped. But it’s my taste, dammit, and I’m happy with it.

However, my heaven has been updated with this place found at but she’s a girl….

found at wired.com, Photo credit: Andrew Moore

I’ve said that I’d be quite keen to have a Reader gadget for travel and the like, but I loves me a nice library. And this is the very definition of a nice library.

Plus, you’ve got to hand over bucket loads of respect to anyone for whom this is true:

Walker’s house was constructed specifically to accommodate his massive library

A three story library, with thousands of books, a Sputnik, an experimental aircraft, an Enigma machine and more unique tomes than you could shake a stick at?

I wants.

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