Once again, feudalism defends democracy from the democrats

Oh, how I love it when the bitter, castrated, unelected and stuffed full of crony upper chamber turns round to the bribed, cajoled and threatened lower chamber and says fuck off you amoral and anti-liberty twunts.

Peers have rejected the government’s controversial plans to extend the limit on pre-charge detention of terror suspects by a large majority.

The House of Lords voted to keep the limit at 28 days by 309 votes to 118 – a majority of 191.

This poses a few questions: will the government risk trying the Commons again? If they do, will the MPs they bought to win the last vote stay bought? And what will David Davis have to say about it, now that he’s declared himself to be a one man civil liberties showcase?

Apparently the government is to make a statement soon. I wonder if they’ll accept their defeat with good grace and use this opportunity to deploy some much needed common sense?

Oh wait; they just this week declared Iceland to be a terrorist nation, and then lent them £100 million. Common sense isn’t exactly their forte…

Slightly later update- 2048
Same article, with a little extra:

ater Home Secretary Jacqui Smith told MPs the 42-day plan would be dropped from the Counter Terrorism bill.

But she said it would be in a new piece of legislation to be brought to Parliament “if and when the need arises.”

FUCK YES! Finally, a proper defeat of a horseshit proposal to take our liberties away.

Of course, there’ll be a massive terrorist plot in the near future that requires this new legislation. It’ll be hyped beyond; the fleet will be sortied, the troops will be in the street again, Brown will sit in COBRA and look stern, and the new legislation will be passed without much of a debate.

Then, and only then, will the courts have their day, and it will be discovered that the massive threat was, in fact, two seven year old boys called Mark and Tom. Who owned spud guns and were going to give those pesky Injuns a good thrashing…

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