Well that’s nice

From the BBC:

An environmental expert in St Andrews has warned the year 2050 could see the town’s famous golf course, the Old Course, crumble into the North Sea.

Prof Bebbington, of St Andrews University, also visualises a car-sharing nation of vegetarians, a country with evolving values, ‘respected and trusted’ political leaders working form a virtual parliament, and Celtic and Rangers players sharing the same carbon-neutral diet.

Other things that 2050 could see, and that would be more likely than this, include:

  • History looking kindly on G Brown.
  • G Brown accepting any blame for his hamfisted running of anything he’s ever run.
  • D Cameron not being a let down.
  • Season XLVII of The X-Factor being interesting.
  • The organisers looking forward to the 2052 Olympiad and saying Well, it’s never going to be as good as the FANTASTIC 2012 Games, but we’ll do our best.
  • An edible pot noodle.

In short, it’s a load of old horseshit that’s been made up for a ‘What if?’ speech. Why is the BBC reporting it as a serious consideration, do you think?

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