Well, that was fast…

What I had to say, day before yesterday:

Of course, there’ll be a massive terrorist plot in the near future that requires this new legislation. It’ll be hyped beyond; the fleet will be sortied, the troops will be in the street again, Brown will sit in COBRA and look stern, and the new legislation will be passed without much of a debate.

Then, and only then, will the courts have their day, and it will be discovered that the massive threat was, in fact, two seven year old boys called Mark and Tom. Who owned spud guns and were going to give those pesky Injuns a good thrashing…

What the ‘Security Minister’ said, yesterday:

“The threat is huge. The threat dipped slightly and is now rising again with the context of severe, large complex plots, because we unravelled one the damage it caused to al-Qaeda actually faded slightly.

“They are now building up again. There is another great plot building up again and we are monitoring this.”

Well, wasn’t that nice?

Now, do you think that the ‘large complex plot’ that was unravelled was the one where the government couldn’t prove their case? Or was it the one which failed because the people behind it were so stupid that they couldn’t make an explosive from an explosive substance and fire?

Either way, ‘large complex plot’ would not be the descriptions I’d use. Certainly neither would have justified the steps that we’re told are essential, despite the way that we’re being told that bajillions of lives were at risk. So when dear Lord West tells us that BIGGER and BETTER and MORE SCARIER threats are out there, I find myself not very frightened at all.

Especially since Lord West has something of a track record with apparently not believing the words that are currently coming out of his mouth…

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