Fucking twunt

Geoff Hoon joins the list of people who have long been thought of as inept, but now are shown to be actively malevolent.

Transport Secretary Geoff Hoon has said the government is prepared to go “quite a long way” with civil liberties to “stop terrorists killing people”.

He was responding to criticism of plans for a database of mobile and web records, saying it was needed because terrorists used such communications.

The government today announced the regulation of breathing; the location of all lungs would be recorded at all times, as would the amount of air either entering or leaving those lungs. Transport Secretary Geoff Goon said that this was needed because terrorists use breathing to carry out their nefarious activities.

Mr Hoon: just saying that terrists use something isn’t enough justification to make the rest of us suspects for using the same thing, dickwad. And the sooner that you, and all your little megalomaniac friends in the Cabinet, figure that out, the less the rest of us will have to bitchshap you in future life.

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