Is there anything less interesting in politics than a big old bitchy game of he said/she said?

At the end of the day, no laws were broken in either Mandleson’s case, or Osbourne’s case. So please just shut the fuck up about it. Can’t we all just get back to calling Brown a cocksucker and continue to arrange plans for his fall from power?

Also, to Steve Mawhinney, editor of BBC Political News, learn a little about your subject please.

I suspect that never before has the holiday island of Corfu received quite as much attention in the British media as it has in recent weeks.

Really? So the Corfu Incident, in which 44 men lost their lives, the Royal Navy was shot at by shore based artillery and nearly lost two destroyers, was just a little diversion? Certainly not the sort of thing that the press would have paid more attention to than a shadow minister talking to a rich bloke, anyway…

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