Hooray! / less Hooray!

Hooray! It’s Give Everybody An Extra Hour In Bed Day! Yes, the clocks have gone back by an hour, which means that we all get a lie in. I like.

Less Hooray! BT are using this as a stunt to screw with a winning formula.

Middle England should prepare to drop its trousers, bend over the table and accept the painful truth that if anything in this Sceptred Isle was ever sacred, it isn’t any more.

As of the end of British Summer Time on Sunday, BT’s famous speaking clock will be voiced by Tinker Bell – the result of a “sponsorship deal with Disney” which will also see the traditional pips replaced with bells.

Unless it’s for comedy reasons, the speaking clock should not be fucked with. End of. And it would appear that el Reg agrees:

Back in 2003, Lenny Henry’s 123 gig helped raise £200k for Comic Relief – but then that was for charity and not to punt some bloody speaking fairy flick.


Oh well. I hope you’ve all enjoyed that hour in bed…

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