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Oh God. A week and a half ago, I offered a solution to the fecking Brand/Ross screw-up.

The BBC didn’t accept it, but they did a couple of other things, some people resigned, and that was supposed to be it. Fuss over, and move on with life.

Then Russell Brand goes and reopens it all, by saying more on the issue. But something else in the article intrigued me:

Meanwhile, senior politicians and BBC figures have called for curbs on potentially offensive comedy and star salaries.

Now, never mind the bit about the potentially offensive comedy, because all comedy is offensive to someone. It’ll never happen, and if it does it will honestly spell the end of the BBC as anything other than an outlet for politically and socially biased news and nature shows.

But the other bit – BBC figures calling for curbs on star salaries. That piqued my interest. Because I don’t see how the fuss could have gotten as big as it does without someone from within the BBC stoking the fires a little.

My reasoning is this: the type of people who would complain, and to the Mail of all places, wouldn’t be listening on a Saturday evening to Russell Brand. Two people complained about the show immediately; the thousands of other complaints only happened after the Mail on Sunday kicked up a fuss. Who must have been tipped off by somebody. Who better than someone within the BBC, who might have known some of the steps that went before the broadcast?

And there are quite a few people within the BBC would are aghast at the sums of money that some of the big names earn. Not for the reasons that I’m uneasy at said salaries*, but because it’s damn unfair that anyone – let alone a mean hetrosexual male who doesn’t even like lentils or read the Guardian should get that sort of money.

So if there’s any way to stop the big earners, they’d take that option. Even if it seems to damage the Beeb, because at the end of the day the Beeb won’t be allowed to be damaged at all. Upstanding British icon, and all that…

And then some MPs think that they scent blood in the water, and go for Jezza instead. Good luck with that, mate…

* – Because it’s not value for money and it’s my fucking money they’re not getting value for. If it was value for money, and the market was at all fair, then the same programmes would be made by privately owned stations.

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