Well, that was fun

If you were landing into Belfast City Airport yesterday in a FlyBe Dash 8 at around 1424, I followed your plane into land. And I then failed to follow directions and had to do a 180 on the runway. Oops.

And if you were in Aldergrove at around 1445 and saw a small, gnat like aircraft parking at stand 10 next to a fancy business jet, then you bastard. You didn’t so much as wave at me.

And if you were on the ground in Glengormley, Antrim, Randalstown, Toome, Cookstown, Portadown, Banbridge or Ballynahinch, then you may have seen me flying overhead.

Yes, I went on my helicopterage yesterday on a little round trip round Lough Neagh, dodging round big buses with callsigns like Shamrock and Easy. And it was lots and lots of fun.

Apparently the next step is to do the same run on my own.

Which could be fun…

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