Wouldn’t it be sweet

Home Office Muppet in Chief Smith is once again on a little anti-citizen jaunt.

This time, she may have picked on the wrong group of people. Because the biggest reason that the Labour party isn’t yet bankrupt is because the unions give it a massive subsidy. And now, it’s a union that’s fighting back.

The British Airline Pilots Association (Balpa) is meeting this weekend to decide what action to take over the government’s decision to force airside staff at two airports to carry ID cards.

Now pilots themselves – who presumably have to pack plenty of ID already, as well as a shiny hat – have voiced their opposition to the plan.

A spokesman for Balpa said: “The government should think again on this. We’re talking to other airside unions and many agree with us that it is unfair, especially because Parliament originally passed this legislation on the basis that it would be voluntary but now it is compulsory for some groups to carry a card.”

Oh dear oh dear oh dear. As people may have noticed, I’ll take any allies that I can when it comes to getting rid of the god-awful ID scheme, and the sweetness would be almost painful if it was the unions that finally brought it down.

Plus, the strategies behind ID cards, and the lies that were told to get it passed (see the bold bit above), are becoming more obvious. Hell, Jacqui Smith just can’t stop herself lying about it. This isn’t a pilot, it’s a slow rollout. There’s no compulsory card, it’s all entirely voluntary. There are people begging, begging, for cards, no really there are.

The more the lies are shown, and the more the costs are shown to be both unnecessary and growing exponentially, the better. And if it takes some pesky unions (and pilots) to do the showing, the better. That’s what I say, anyway…

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