A couple of weeks ago, I noticed some rather unusual search results pointing to the site. Ones for all the traditional drugs and genital enhancements that you’d expect from a place laden with spam comments. But there were no such comments, so how were they getting here?

I had a wee look about, and discovered to my annoyance that there was an addition to my source code listing a whole lot of links. So I deleted it, and moved on.

Then, on a hunch, I checked the following week, and it was back. Delete it again, move on.

A couple of days later, yesterday in fact, I checked again. And lo and behold, the damn set of links was back. So I put the thran head on, changed all the passwords and upgraded to the most recent version in WordPress

Except that I screwed up a little, and broke the damn thing. Took three hours and change to let me get back in again, or I’d be writing this from behind a mySQL terminal and dropping it straight into the database. Which would be messy, if you recall my last effort

But, as I say, it seems to be back. Now I just have to keep and eye on things and make sure that a) no random additions to the code appear and b) that the new themes work as they should.

In the meantime, please to keep selves entertained with thoghts of just how much they could screw up a sequel to Tron

One thought on “Oops

  1. Thought I should comment on this one…

    I got to your site when I entered a search for crossed fingers.
    (It brought up the guy on the way to the operating room).
    I have since stolen that comic. (Just so you know).

    It is quite hilarious; especially given the respect that my daughter has recently had a TP/AIT Transplant… (12-18-08).
    She is still hospitalized here in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA. Although I have heard rumors that she may be released this weekend- A complete surprise to me as she needed additional emergency surgery just last Sunday…
    But she is 21- Young enough to handle a surgery or two?

    Your blogsite is immensely entertaining and forthright.
    Kudos to you my friend!


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