Here’s my thinking

They say that a child will learn by observing what its elders do, not by what it is told to do.

How then, do you think, are we to act in the face of ongoing discrimination by the political classes.

They say that it’s totally unacceptable to discriminate. And then they go ahead and discriminate by barring certain occupations to those who hold a certain political belief.

As Barry says:

here’s my problem. The BNP is a legal political party. Anyone who wants to be a member can be, without fear of prosecution – never mind persecution. And that’s the way it should be in a democracy. Yes, you’d have to worry if your children’s teacher was on there, and we already know that the police are banned from being members for fear of accusations of racial discrimination. But what about soldiers, and prison officers, and social workers? Since when have they been disenfranchised?

Yes, the BNP is a pretty abhorrent organisation. Yes, it believes things that are patently rubbish. Yes, if it gained power anywhere it would likely clamp down on freedoms across the board.

However, it will not gain power anywhere where it is fought openly. It will not grow unless it is made out to be a victim. It will not gain influence when people can point out in logical terms the shortcomings in its views.

It may, on the other hand, gain influence when it is victimised. It may grow if it can point out that a modern democracy will throw aside its lofty ideals when dealing with fucktards like the BNP. And if it cannot be discussed rationally between equals, then it may well gain power somewhere.

By throwing aside the basic tenets of a free society (freedom of belief, freedom of association, freedom of political views), we are only making the fucktards look like we’re scared of them.

Are we?

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