Robbing Peter to pay Peter through an offshore holding company

Oh dear. It’s even worse than I thought it would be.

The good point (and slightly better than I thought) – VAT down to 15% for a fixed period; I thought it would for a flexible period, subject to the whims of Gordon. Hell, it still could be…

The bad points: raising duty on alcohol, raising duty on fuel, raising taxes for the very well off, raising notional insurance contributions for everyone, increasing tax credits instead of lowering tax rates, increased borrowing, failing to get rid of the increased air travel tax, wasting more money on greenishness, more government interference (and thusly paperwork and wasted money and effort) in recruitment, and more constraints on banking.

So, that was the stimulus that was to cure the economy, was it?

Jaysus. What would the Alastair and Gordon show do if they wanted to damage the economy…

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