You what?

Stolen from the Register

Stolen from the Register

So, what would that picture suggest to you? Perhaps that Tiger Beer is a better export than Thai ladyboys?

Because that’s what it says to me.

However, to the eight people who complained, and the Advertising Standards Agency who agreed with them, it’s all about people being moved from their native country to another country to live a life of sexual slavery.

No, really.

“We understood that the ads image was intended to represent a ladyboy cabaret act. We considered, however, that by presenting the character in sexual clothing and a provocative pose alongside the implication that she was rated the Far Easts third most desirable export, the ad appeared to link exports with the sex trade and, potentially, human trafficking.

“We also considered the ad suggested beer and sex were two of the best exports of the Far East, which was disrespectful to Eastern culture. We concluded that the ad was likely to cause serious or widespread offence.”

Whoa. That’s quite a logical leap.To go from ‘appears’ and ‘potentially’ to banning it because it ‘suggests’ something is a little bit of an overreach, wouldn’t you say?

One thought on “You what?

  1. I didn’t recognise that as a lady boy.. I think I may have to stay away from Eastern countries.. Yeah.. probably for the best – before its too late!!!

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