There’s a surprise…

When large parts of the UK populace is concerned about their data being shared across government departments, most of whom have no need to see it and even fewer of whom have any right to see it, what does Her Majesty’s Government do?

Yes, you guessed it: they hold a review.

And then they use that review to give themselves the power to ride roughshod over the few protections in place. Because, y’know, sometimes just popping everyone’s details onto a CD and throwing them in the post because a different department asked nicely isn’t sharing enough.

Good job we don’t trust the government with any sensitive data, isn’t it? Oh wait, that would be a lie. Because we’re told many times that if we don’t share all with the government, then we’re liable to be punished. Nice.

Not that I’m a tad annoyed. No, not I…

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