Missing the definition of the word

Note to thon Blunkett twat: if you have to be made, bribed or coerced into volunteering, then you are not volunteering. You are being dragooned.

It’s a simple difference, I feel, but then when did ex-government ministers ever get their heads round the meanings of words? They can’t even get their head round the idea that none of us like them or trust them as far as they could be thrown. By an enfeebled dwarf. With one arm.

Everyone between the ages of 16 and 25 should do at least six months of “intensive” voluntary work, former home secretary David Blunkett has said.

The Labour MP said such a scheme would foster a “sense of belonging” among young people.

Obviously there is the a certainty that I’m about to FAIL under Godwin, but seriously, is Blunkett suggesting a sort of Hitler-Jugend for the 21st century? Where low key public works are carried out by uniformed and unpaid kids, just to get them used to doing what they are told to by officials of the state?

Because that was the sort of thing that he was talking about on the radio interview I heard: enforcing hand washing at the doors of hospitals and that.

But it’s all OK, he realises that young people can’t be forced to do it:

When asked whether the scheme should become a form of compulsory national service Mr Blunkett replied: “It’s been reinforced to me in the last year that you can’t have volunteering unless it’s voluntary.”

Instead, he called for a system of incentives to attract young people.

A SYSTEM OF INCENTIVES = BRIBERY. Which means that it’s not volunteering either, it’s employment.

Jaysus. Will that daft twunt never learn?

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