So not the concerns that the rest of us share

Over the last few years, I’ve gone through the Queen’s Speech Bill by Bill and pointed out the general rubbishness of each of them. So you might have been expecting the same from the most recent such speech.

But in truth I can’t be bothered. It’s all just too depressing. And predictable. The usual neo-puritanism, hard paternalism, outright theft, ever present increases in regulation, and more talk about ‘promoting democracy’ while working hard to neuter it.

Last night, I thought about having a go anyway. But then I figured out that I’d only get annoyed. Instead, thought I, I should help my blood pressure by having a glass of a rather nice red left over from Saturday’s festivities.

Oh wait

A planned crackdown on cheap alcohol will not work unless supermarkets are stopped from selling it below cost price, a senior Labour MP has said.

Keith Vaz, chairman of the home affairs committee, called on the government to bring in a minimum price for alcohol in supermarkets to tackle binge drinking.

Mr Vaz, who has a long and illustrious history of knowing nothing about funds magically appearing in his possession and favours magically appearing in the hands of those so mysteriously and recently short of a few quid, would like to punish the vast majority of responsible people in this country, because of a puritanical urge to stop a few fools from drinking too much.

So it would seem that I couldn’t even enjoy a glass of wine, the health benefits of which are often stated, without getting annoyed about the fucking politicians.


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