Isn’t that just dandy…

It’s an interesting indictment of the wonderful system that we have these days that the highest ranking head to fall after the human tragedy of Baby P didn’t fall after the council oversaw the death of a child. It didn’t fall after the scourging in the media. It didn’t fall after the silly Facebook groups and the protests.

No, it fell twelve hours after it came out that Haringey lied to Ofsted.

Ofsted’s head, Christine Gilbert, admitted at the weekend that Haringey had misled its inspectors by providing inaccurate data on its child protection services.

She said that officials in Haringey were able to “hide behind” misleading data last year to earn a good rating from inspectors only weeks after Baby P’s death.

Coincidence? Or a sign that the biggest crimes in the eyes of the state are the crimes against the accountants of the state? Not against people, but against numbers. Sure people are just the ultimate renewable resource; precious numbers and gold star ratings are much more important…

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