Note to self:

When in doubt, and faced with the choice of giving money to Lush or setting fire to said money: burn the money.

Because if you give it to Lush, you’re funding terrorism.

The co-founder of cosmetics retailer Lush has been revealed as a fundraiser for the climate change protesters that closed Stansted Airport on Monday.

Mr Constantine added that while he is too frightened to join the protestors in person, he is happy to back Plane Stupid financially.

What? If passing information about Home Office cockups to opposition MPs is terrorism, and if wanting to get your child into a good school is terrorism, and if catcalling at a political conference is terrorism, then 50 total fuckwits breaking into an airport and blocking the runway is definitely terrorism…

‘course, it could have been Darwinian terrorism. They set up 50 metres away from a runway most often used by 737s and A319s. They just shouldn’t have cancelled the flights. End result: a few dozen very windswept fuckwits. No damage done…

2 thoughts on “Note to self:

  1. Not cancelling the flights is an interesting proposition. One of the quirksof democracy as we practice it is that the opinion of someone who barely cares but still votes counts the same as someone whose opinion is held intensely. It would be useful to gauge just how much risk and personal loss such campaigners are willing to take to support their cause.

    Because lets be honest, except for a minor public disorder conviction and getting their hair messed up (or in some cases, a forced bath) there’s no real cost to them, so their actions have no greater weight than following a fashion.

  2. And that’s all it seems to be – a fashion to be followed. Maybe an amount of snobbery mixed in with it, since they did deliberately aim at the main low-fares airport in the UK. No targeting the airlines with a business class, no sirree, just the ones with cattle class all through…

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