And wouldn’t that be annoying?

You know how it is these days; you can’t go for a night out without having some bloody campaign do its best to scare the beejaysus out of you.

You walk past the smokers, with pictures of diseased lungs on their cigarette packs.

You go for a piss, and some helpful soul has put up pictures of stab wounds on the wall in front of you.

You pick up a bottle of beer, and some nannying bastard has put a threat to your general well being on the side of it.

Not content with this, some organisations want to go just a little bit further.

Police in Edinburgh are to pester locals with Bluetooth messages asking them how they plan to get home, in the hope of making them think before getting behind the wheel drunk.

The news comes courtesy of The Scotsman, which reports that Bluetooth nodes will be placed near drinking hotspots (otherwise known as Scotland, in our experience) and transmit text and images to nearby phones. This would include the campaign message: “Who’s taking you home tonight? Bus, taxi, police, paramedic?”

The campaign is aimed at 17 to 24-year-olds and the hope is that this demographic is more mobile-equipped than others, though one might imagine they’re also more likely to have set their phones to non-discoverable mode before venturing out. Of course, the message won’t be limited to those who’ve been drinking – anyone driving past and completely sober will be equally vulnerable to being distracted by an incoming message.

I do so dislike these sorts of things. Doing their best to interfere with the enjoyment of everybody with the stated aim of scaring a few people who are silly enough to leave their phone broadcasting on Bluetooth for all and sundry to try and hijack…

Nannu really does like to annoy, doesn’t she.

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