Dear Irish Folk:

When asked the last time, you did the right thing. Whatever your reasons, you did the right thing. As the only electorate offered any say at all in the ratification of the EU Constitution Lisbon Treaty, you stood up for everyone when you said NO.

However, in the eyes of the Irish government, the governments of the EU hard core and the self-appointed leaders of the EU, you did the wrong thing. And thusly they’re gonna ask you again, and then likely again and again until you give the answer that they want to hear.

Six months ago, you took the opportunity given to you in Bunreacht na h√Čireann to manage your own self-government, and to prevent that right of self-determination being taken from you by Brussels.

So, when the time comes again, please do the right thing once more. When asked if you want to hand yet more power to Brussels, say no. When asked if you want to remove barriers to the EU making laws, when those barriers are the only thing holding back torrents of red-tape, say no. When asked if you want to join the ranks of countries bullied into signing, say no.

In short, when Brussels bullies Dublin into asking us all to sign up to a document that the fecking Taoiseach signed without reading or understanding, tell both of them to fuck off.


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