The state of the world today

or “What Ed thinks is wrong with the world today”

Many years ago, in the dark days of (I think) 2003, a small and relatively unknown band called Snow Patrol wrote, performed and released a song called Run. And it was a very nice song; not massively powerful, and not spectacularly sung. It was without most of the angst and worrying psychotic meandering that have been in a lot of Snow Patrol’s other songs. It brought the band into the public perception, and it reached number 5 in the charts. It was the result of hard work, song writing skill, and promotional hard work.

In fact, it was good.

Fast forward to today. When some really annoying and dull bint with a very powerful voice sings the song once on a really annoying and somewhat pointless TV show, and it goes straight into the charts at number 1. It is no longer a nice song, being far too fiddly and far too ‘power ballad’. In fact, from being a song that I would make a point of listening to, it has now become one of the songs that make me switch the radio off. Very quickly. It is not the result of hard work, or song writing skill. It is not even the result of promotional hard work. It is the result of blind flocking by people.

In short, it is bad. And it is symptomatic of the downfall of civilization as we know it. Honest.

5 thoughts on “The state of the world today

  1. Well, I’m about to go down a step in your estimation then: I’ve actually enjoyed a couple of the recent Coldplay singles.

    The amount of self-loathing involved in admitting that is incredible.

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