A random rundown

Things that happened this past weekend:

  • I attended a wedding. And, unlike most previous weddings I’ve attended, I didn’t get rip roaring drunk. Surprisingly, this didn’t dent the experience too much.
  • I forgot to bring my camera to said event. Meaning that any pictures exist at the sufferance of others. Oh well.
  • I enjoyed the tender ministrations of Ryanair (with their patented let’s see how sick we can make ‘em approach) twice. And survived.
  • I got annoyed by the supreme shiteness and short-sightedness of the newish Belfast City Airport terminal. Seriously, it’s less than ten years old and it’s out of space. Doh.
  • I had a meal in a very random lighthouse in the general vicinity of Whitehead. It was very nice, by night. I could have seen it by day, but that would have cut down on the amount of time spent on the next point. And, frankly, fuck that for a game of soldiers…
  • I spent some time in the company of TLG, which is always nice.
  • Following on from the previous point, I found myself having to watch the fecking X-Factor. And, in among seventeen hours of dross, I saw something interesting and relevant: the guy holding the door of the helicopter that Eoghan was using (G-OGCE, unless mine eyes deceive me) was none other than my instructor. Small world…

There, that’s what I’ve been up to. Did I miss anything interesting over here then?


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