I’m a fan of many things. And some of those things are as follows:

  • Impassioned rants
  • Geekery
  • Kryten Robert Llewelyn off of Scrapheap Challenge and Red Dwarf
  • Top Gear

Now, what could possibly combine all those points? Oh, I don’t know, Kryten Robert Llewelyn ranting geekily about Top Gear perhaps?

Now, I’m no less of a fan of Kryten Llewelyn than I was, because he managed to get a lot of swearing and impassioned argument into the nine minutes. But I can’t say I agree with him. Off the top of my head, I would say that there are issues with finding the components for enough batteries to power a significant number of cars; I’d say that the asking price for hydrogen fuel cell cars will fall once they start mass producing them; I could maybe say that that the fact that “eco” doesn’t apply to cars is a plus point.

But the face remains: Kryten Robert Llewelyn does regular ranting on t’internet. Yes, it’ll be largely stuff that I disagree with, but a good rant (like a good debate) can be admired without agreeing…

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