Continuing escapades

As I mentioned t’other day, I have been absent from here for the last few days, as TLG was over for a few days. I’m happy to say that she has been here for a few days, and shall continue to be here for another few. This is a very welcome thing, as I’m sure you can see.

One of the nice things about having a Lovely Girlfriend from outside this particular area is that you can go and do all the touristy things that you can’t see because you could never be a tourist in your own place. So we’ve been going to the occasional odd place, and it has been nice.

And we’ve been going to see the odd film – one of which was not very good, and one which was most excellent. I shall inform you only that one of these films was Yes Man and the other was Twilight and I’ll let you decide which was which…

We’ve been as far away as Dublin and as far west as Randalstown. But only because there’s nothing worth seeing west of Randalstown…

Despite living here for many years, and working in the same damn building for five years, I’d not yet visited the Belfast Giants or the La Tasca in the Odyssey. So both of those were ticked off the list. I fear that TLG is something of a fan of grown men in body armour hitting each other with sticks. I’ll see if I can convert her to a sport where they’re not soft enough to need armour to do this…

We’ve seen the somewhat depressing sight that is Belfast Zoo in December – those poor lions didn’t look like they were enjoying the weather at all.

And we have two and a bit days left to fill. Which is nice.

I may report back in the future, but then I may not be bothered. Either way, I doubt that I’ll be doing it in the next day or two, so plz to entertain yourselves for the time being.

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