Endings and beginnings of endings

Tonight, the last episode of Atlantis aired. Not a massive loss; I’d not really been watching it since the great SkyOne denial episode of aught seven, but I thought I’d do it hte decency of watching the final show. And it was alright, nothing too special but then again nothing that debased the rest of the series.

However, that was just one ending. News of the beginning of another ending is much more important.

The final half of the final season of the greatest sci-fi show of our time begins next Tuesay, and that is both good and very bad.

Good, because GALACTICA IS BACK. And that makes me happy.

Bad, because there is to be no more after this. Boooooooooooooooooo.

2 thoughts on “Endings and beginnings of endings

  1. I must be getting old. But I haven’t been paying attention to that show at all the last 2/3 seasons. I remember SG1 was a great oul watch.. Ahh well such is life :)

    BSG starts next week, excellent. I can’t wait to find out where they are going with it.

    24 has started. Its been pretty crap since season 3, however, it is still better than most of the drival out there.

    Bring back TWW and The Sopranos I say!! The TV execs need to let a show grow first before they cancel it. Smith would have been good, but they canned that.. THE BASTARDS.

    I want good tee-vee shows for fuck sake!! Like we did when the economy was good, the weather was better and I had more hair!!!!!

  2. I haven’t really been paying attention to it recently either. Which is a shame, because the final episode informed me that yer pretty one who was in Firefly was a regular in the last couple of seasons. Doh.

    +1 to the BSG, it’s gonna be very interesting methinks.

    +1 to the TWW and Sopranos also. More like them, please.

    I didn’t know that you ever had more hair; I thought that you had the same amount but a smaller head…

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