That’ll do nicely…

Typical. When faced with an opportunity to better oneself and organise one’s life (as Hayley is planning), what do I do?

Screw the list, I went and played with the traveller IQ thing. And, were that list open for the public to complete, I’d have ticked off one item.

Hails’ target: 56. Improve my geography knowledge enough to score over 500,000 points on the Traveler IQ Challenge. (0/1)

And what I’ve got to offer:
Ed John Hillan
567,766 pts
Level: 12
Traveler IQ: 131

I do quite like such quizes, but then I’m quite a dull and boring soul…

6 thoughts on “That’ll do nicely…

  1. Obviously this has nothing to do with the fact that I’m jealous, but you’ve made that sound a little bit like you just discovered the challenge this morning, played it once, and effortlessly arrived at that score. And not as if you’ve been sitting smugly at the top of my “friends’ scores” list for some time…

    Actually, your score set my target. Yes, 500,000 is a good milestone to aim for, but the fact of the matter is that I just can’t stand losing. ;)

  2. Well, I’d not taken said challenge in something like a year, so I thought that getting over 500,000 on the second attempt was noteworthy…

    It should be said, Tony and I had something of a rivalry in the early days of being on Facebook; I do believe that he’s ahead of me in some categories. Which irks me somewhat.

  3. Europe – Me: 132,182 / You: 112,586

    Flags – Me: 239,433 / You: 225,802

    World Capitals – Me: 320,618 / You: 320,009

    Oceania – Me: 381,135 / You: 0 :)

    And I’m closing in again on the World…

  4. 352,290. And I think that I’ll have to learn all about Caribbean and south Pacific islands to do much better than that.

    And in flags, I now have 268,332.

    As for Europe and Oceania, it’s only a matter of time…

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