And why not continue stealing?

Thought up originally by Nelly, stolen by Hannah and now stolen by me, I present to you the ‘so, what the hell were you up to last year and the day before’ meme.

Last year, I was enjoying the silly escapism of silly movies and entirely unrelated stick man fighting animations on youtube. I was also considering the stupid NI Bill of Rights bad idea. Which thankfully seems to have been disappeared over the last year. I’m sure that it’ll come round again at some point, though. Bad ideas like that never really go away.

However, two years ago, I was busy insulting doctors and women. Jaysus. I really was a pretty stupid guy back then, wasn’t I? Really good at the whole ‘burning of bridges’ approach, eh?

Good job that I’ve grown up as a person since then; I’d never go about insulting bints or butchers these days…

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