I have a slightly fearful hope

Red Dwarf. Being reingivorated for Dave.

Oh dear.

I am a great fan of the Dwarf. Of the books, of the TV show, of the characters and most of all of the quotes.

I’m also quite a fan of Dave, despite the silly name. It tends to have lots and lots of shows that I quite like, even if they do repeat them to death.

However, I’m not entirely convinced that a few special episodes of Red Dwarf on Dave is what the world needs now. The later seasons of Red Dwarf were the weakest ones, and one of the reasons that they were was because of the departure of Rob Grant. And Grant isn’t going to be on the team for this particular expedition either, so that might be a bad thing.

However, another reason that seasons 7 and 8 were unfortunately less good than the earlier ones was that they seemed to focus more on dodgy and overly showy computer graphics. And that isn’t being brought onto the Dave version, which can only be a good thing.

Bad thing again: all the actors are getting old and have much more baggage. Robert Llewellyn is now better known for running about the scrapheap and making really bad puns; Chris Barrie is the &uumt;ber geek; Danny John Jules is a somewhat low-key film dude and Craig Charles is a soap actor with a dodgy history of drug abuse. Will any new potential fans be able to seen beyond those and see the characters they became famous for?

However, I think that I’ll be tuning in anyway. Partly because I’m willing to give them the benefit of the doubt. And partly because I’m going to be hoping for many more quotes to be boring everyone with…

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