Well that’s extraordinarily stupid

Oh for fucks sake…

We live in a time of challenges; there’s a recession a-happening, many tens of thousands of troops are up to their neck in bad guys trying to shoot them, Gordon Brown is still allowed out without supervision.

So what does the US congress think it should be doing? Oh, protecting us from the menace that is … silent camera phones.

The “Camera Phone Predator Alert Act” would forbid selling of phones which have a means to disable or silence the tone. Should the law ever pass it would be enforced by the Consumer Product Safety Commission. The noise should be audible within a reasonable distance of the phone.

The bill, was introduced by Congressman Peter King of New York, because: “Congress finds that children and adolescents have been exploited by photographs taken in dressing rooms and public places with the use of a camera phone.”

Oh dear lord. Even if this was a big enough threat to be worth worrying about (which it isn’t – it happens sufficiently rarely that it still makes headlines), surely camera phones are the threat. It’d be cameras that are smaller and of higher quality than a phone. It’d be the cameras hidden in smoke alarms and the ones placed in the toes of shoes. Both of which would be specially modified to make noise as they were being modified to fit in their container.

But that’s not the low-hanging fruit, is it? That’s not the easy pickings that would get the congress critter in the news, is it?

Half wits, trying to make bad laws based on bad ideas. I’m with Chris on this front:

Yet another example of one idiot… or given the subject matter probably thousands of idiots… saying to another idiot (one with power over us, god help us) “There ought to be a law”; the most dangerous phrase in the English language.

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