Poor TP

Why do I have six screens? Because I haven’t got room for eight…

Last night, the BBC showed the first part of Terry Pratchett: Living with Alzheimer’s, and it’s very interesting. There’s something very sad about seeing someone face the loss of their greatest strength: their mind. For someone who has become known and loved the world over for their writing and creativity to find out that both are going to go because of a disease that no money can cure must be a terrible thing.

However, he’s going about it in an interesting way. I wouldn’t normally be at all interested in seeing a celeb talking about their disease, because such things are normally being done with the primary aim of promoting the celeb. Pterry seems to be going at it differently: much more time spent explaining the disease, and very little of his books. In fact, less than about five minutes of his books, and none of the day to day work that he does.

Very sad, but a very brave way of dealing with it. I think, anyway. But then I would, I’m a Pratchett fanboy…

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