Note to the weather gods

Yes, you’ve had your fun. We on the proper one of these islands have had no end of fun laughing at those on the big island to our right. We’ve dealt with the light dusting that we received and we’ve moved on with life.

But, dear weather gods, enough is enough. Over the last few weeks you’ve be responsible for several flights of mine being cancelled. Several times I’ve turned up to the flying school and been told to go home, for there’ll be no flying that day. And I held my tongue when that happened.

However, this time I’m not trying for a local flight. I’m trying to get to those poor englishers and see TLG, and I’ve not seen her for ages. So Belfast City Airport will be operational and Stansted will be letting me land.

If, however, on the return leg, you’d see fit to keep me over there for a day or two, I might not complain too much…

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